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Our COMBI series: The junction box for inside and outside applications

COMBI junction boxes with their easily identifiable bellied cover and high standard of quality and workmanship answer electricians´ everyday claims.

Features of series at a glance:

  • High-quality material of the COMBI junction boxes is UV- and Ozone resistant, therefore suitable for inside as well as outside installations
  • Bellied cover allows 10% more installation space
  • High protection class IP66. With cable gland even IP67
  • Captive and rust-free quick-release lid screws, closing of the box with only a quarter turn (COMBI 206, 308, 407, 607, 1010, 1210, 1610)
  • Self-sealing membranes on the rear enable a clean assembly for cable outputs from the wall (COMBI 108, 116, 206, 407, 607, 1210)
  • Has what it takes: flame-retardant and halogen-free, weather-proof, resistant to ultraviolet, shatter proof, impact-resistant

Product News

Interactive COMBI Series

Our digital leaflet bundles all interactive content about our COMBI Series in a compact design. Pages will come to life with 3D models, videos and animations.
Click here to have a look.


Cable Entries

The COMBI junction boxes offer unique flexibility in their cable entries. Click here for more details.

Cable Entries


The use of the COMBI junction box series can be optimised with some accessories. Click here to see our products.



For special applications we offer particular version of our COMBI junction box series.


COMBI 304 Switch
As well as the standard flat screw top lid, we also offers the COMBI 304 with a rotary switch. Perfect for domestic, commerical and industrial applications.

Our products of the COMBI Series

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